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The right place to live your passion!

The Hunting Spot was born from the passion for hunting and shooting of a close-knit team of colleagues, hunters, and shooters. Fortunately for us, this passion is also our day job.

We wanted to create The Hunting Spot to share our passion with you and to talk about everything related to hunting and skeet shooting, because when we are not hunting, you will definitely find us at the shooting range breaking a few targets or testing cartridges, gunpowder, and rifles.

An innovative and perhaps somewhat ambitious idea which, however, has gained the full support of our company Baschieri & Pellagri, which has given us the opportunity to put our idea into practice and create Hunting Spot.

We want to make our experience available to you because we know that there is no definitive rule in hunting; it all depends on practice, how much you hunt, and how you hunt. We also know that to improve it is essential to compare oneself with others and from the beginning The Hunting Spot seemed like the ideal way to do this.


What can you find on Hunting Spot?

Tips, practical guides, suggestions and much more to fuel and share your passion. A new way to become a more expert hunter and shooter by benchmarking oneself with others and sharing one’s own experiences.

Discover what we do!

It’s not important whether you are a hunter with many seasons under your belt or are just starting out; on Hunting Spot you can always learn something new!


But we didn’t stop here!

We also wanted to create Hunting Spot so enthusiasts and the curious can learn more about the world of hunting and target shooting from up close, to show them the unique beauty and the emotions it triggers within us. If you want to start shooting or hunting, you’re in the right place!

The Hunting Spot Team: Let’s get to know each other!

Do you want to know who writes the articles and practical guides found on Hunting Spot?
Here’s the whole Team!

Federica Gozza

Federica has been the Marketing Manager for Baschieri & Pellagri for over 10 years. Her work has led her to travel, hunt, and visit shooting ranges around the world. She is passionate about hunting small migratory birds and cull hunting roe deer. Over the years, she has become a clay shooting expert and follows events and competitions around the world. Thanks to her, Baschieri & Pellagri is able to discover and support new and young talent every day. She has employed her usual passion and determination in the creation of The Hunting Spot and demonstrates on a daily basis that hunting and shooting are not not activities for men only!

Skip Knowles

Skip is an internationally renowned hunter who tried Baschieri & Pellagri cartridges and was impressed by their outstanding performance. Today he is one of our favorite overseas authors and collaborates with the Baschieri & Pellagri’s US subsidiary. His passion for hunting, especially for waterfowl and large game, has led him to travel and hunt all over the world. He loves to write and talk about his passion for hunting and has won several awards as contributing author with Predator Nation, Guns & Ammo, and Petersen’s Hunting. He has also been a special guest on the World of Beretta TV. He currently lives and hunts in Colorado.

Gianluca Garolini

For several years Gianluca has been working as a ballistic consultant, contributing to the continuous improvement and development of new components and hunting cartridges. He is an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience and is one of the top Italian experts in the field of smooth-bore and rifled-bore reloading. He has contributed as a moderator for various online forums and, thanks to his experience in this field, has been a contributor to various hunting and reloading magazines. His dream is to write a real manual dedicated to the art of reloading, and he immediately embraced The Hunting Spot as a forum to realize this dream.

Ufficio tecnico B&P

B&P Technical Department

Support is provided to us by the Baschieri & Pellagri Technical Department which provides assistance to translate complex technical issues into language everyone can understand. Through them you will learn about the technology and manufacturing processes employed in the production gunpowder, cartridges, and components.