On this page we have responded to all the most frequent asked questions.


1 – Why is our website called Hunting Spot?

“The Hunting Spot” literally means the place where you hunt. We chose this name because knowing where and how to hunt is a true art that you never stop learning about. The Hunting Spot strives to be a new way to talk to each other, to share and enhance this “art”, even online.


2 – Is The Hunting Spot Baschieri & Pellagri’s blog?

It’s not Baschieri & Pellagri’s official blog, rather an idea that we authors had and that our company is supporting. The Hunting Spot was created to share our passion for the world of hunting and skeet shooting.


3 – Who writes on Hunting Spot?

All the articles on Hunting Spot are written by Gianluca, Federica, and Skip. Support is also provided to us by our trusted experts in Baschieri & Pellagri’s Technical Department, who handle complex technical subjects. If you want to join the Hunting Spot team or collaborate with us, please visit this page.


4 – What do you talk about?

On The Hunting Spot we talk about techniques and types of hunting, hunting culture, cartridges, gunpowder, reloading techniques, skeet shooting, and much more.


5 – Can I write on Hunting Spot too?

If you would like to find out how to collaborate with us, visit the “Collaborate with us” page.


6 – How do I contact you?

All our contacts can be found on the “Contact us” page.


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